Airdrop Farming: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Airdrops after BLUR S1

how to farm airdrops

You will be needing it to receive the potential cumulative $15,000+ in upcoming airdrops/retrodrops. Now that you know everything about all the upcoming airdrops and ways to maximize it, take action and don’t miss out this time. Let’s assume that you’ve gotten some airdrops, congratulations! Some airdrops are even likely to be worth more than 1,000 USD.

Determine whether an airdrop is likely to occur

But with so many airdrops happening at once, it can be overwhelming to keep track of the best ones. Ethereum Name Service is essentially the same thing as DNS, the service that allows domain names (e.g. to route to a specific location on the Internet. ENS does the same thing, creating a human-readable name (such as plAIgrounds.eth) and attaching it to a public key (my wallet). The goal of the token is to provide voting power to the community to govern the direction of the ENS platform. When an airdrop is announced, the project usually discloses the eligibility criteria.

Imagine Investing $25 to Earn $1,000

  1. Think about Ethereum (EVMs), Solana, Injective, SEI, Avalanche, or Bitcoin.
  2. Contributors earn rewards proportional to their liquidity.
  3. Airdrop 2 was rewarded to those who listed an NFT on the Blur platform through November 2022.
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  5. For now, the best tip we have is to search social media for airdrop routes if you’re considering farming a project or ecosystem.

Airdrop farming has become a popular strategy for beginners looking to maximize their token rewards. The method involves spreading one’s crypto assets across multiple digital addresses, allowing users to interact with a crypto application multiple times. This multiplies their chances of qualifying for airdrop rewards. Airdrop farming is a crypto strategy where users increase their chances of receiving free tokens from new blockchain projects.

NFT Airdrops

And of course, follow AirdropAlert on X to never miss airdrop opportunities again. Then you might earn a little by signing up on your own referral links under burner wallets and accounts, aka sybilling. However, this will only earn you on the volume you provide yourself.

how to farm airdrops

The First popular P2E game was Axie Infinity back in 2020. Hundreds of thousands of players were grinding this to earn $AXIE. Once you are comfortable trading at a minimum of break-even levels, you can start farming DEX airdrops or clean CEX bonuses and enter Trading competitions.

You can short a position, to hedge while you wait for airdrop distribution. Or you can long it, if you’re confident in the project. I also expect an airdrop for AEVO, so I’m farming that while I hedge other airdrop positions. While it’s always exciting to wait for an airdrop and pray you hit the jackpot, there are ways to sell or hedge your allocation.

While you earn this yield, a lot of projects will reward early liquidity providers with a retroactive airdrop. This is applicable with test stages, but also on mainnets. If you’re just getting started and want to farm some deposit bonuses and reward programs, here’s a short list of major exchanges you have to check out. The first cryptopia estimates 9% of total assets stolen during january hack 2 often list big airdrops on the first day so you will be smart setting up an account there to be ready to go when you need it. Now, we’re not here to lie to your face and say you can become financially free by getting these easy airdrops. But it’s low-hanging fruit, collect some free $ here and there with some easy tasks.

You want to protect the free cryptocurrency you’re earning. Rewards in an airdrop can range from nothing to even earning $100+ in token value. First and foremost, you would need a wallet wherein the tokens can be stored. Most of these cryptocurrency tokens are based on the ethereum blockchain. Hence, you would need a wallet compatible with ERC 20 token. Scammers will often use links that look very similar to an official project’s domain as a way of tricking crypto users into connecting their wallets to malicious smart contracts.

how to farm airdrops

It’s 2024 now and a lot has changed, so it’s time for a fresh new list of wallets that all airdrop farmers should read. For example, anyone who traded at least $1 on the decentralized exchange dYdX, qualified for a $4,300 airdrop! Users with significantly higher trading volume earned over $100,000! Some only earn hundreds of dollars while other are worth nothing at all. We’re not suggesting all of you become the next generation of TikTok stars.

There are other browser wallets out there that are arguably better ( is a fantastic example) but very few sites support those wallets, whereas nearly 100% of crypto websites support MetaMask. Uniswap, now the biggest DEX in the world, really started its explosive growth in early/mid 2020. Essentially, Uniswap gave people at least $1600 for free just for using their exchange. Follow closely your favorite blockchains or protocols which might have airdrops.

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